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Focused on Water Conservation, Delivery & Efficiency 

The Pondera County Canal & Reservoir Company (PCCRC) was organized by a group of like-minded agriculturalists with the goal of delivering reliable, high-quality water to the irragable lands stretching from the Rocky Mountain Foothills and east toward Conrad, Montana.  Since incorporation in 1953, the PCCRC has worked side by side with local farmers & ranchers to further this mission. 

The Board of Directors has developed this website as a service to our agricultural partners. We hope it will prove valuable in making our community and your own operations successful.

Important Phone Numbers

Manager -     Vern Stokes            289-0529

Asst. Mgr -    Myrna Wright          505-0381

Engineer -     Cole Peebles            289-0531 

District 1 -    Jose Ramos             289-0532

District 2W - Tristen Diedrich       289-0530

District 2E -  Cole Peebles            289-0531 

District 3 -    Tom Christiaens      289-0526

District 4 -    Darren Pruttis         289-0528

District 4 -    Zach Leys               289-0524

District 5 -    Jody Fowler             590-5001

Canal and Reservoir Company

main office 406-279-3315