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Focused on Water Conservation, Delivery & Efficiency 

The Pondera County Canal & Reservoir Company (PCCRC) was organized by a group of like-minded agriculturalists with the goal of delivering reliable, high-quality water to the irragable lands stretching from the Rocky Mountain Foothills and east toward Conrad, Montana.  The Board of Directors has developed this website as a service to our agricultural partners. We hope it will prove valuable in making our community and your own operations successful.

Important Phone Numbers

Manager -     Cole Peebles            289-0531 

Asst. Mgr -    Myrna Wright          505-0381

Foreman -     Donnie Briden          590-2762

District 1 -    Jeremy Farnstrom    289-0532

District 2W - Joseph Waldner        289-0530

District 2E -  Tanner Johnson       505-0383 

District 3 -    Joey Pruttis             289-0526

District 4 -    Darren Pruttis         289-0528

District 5 -    Chris McCormick      590-5001

Canal and Reservoir Company

main office 406-279-3315