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Canal and Reservoir Company

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Meet the employees, management, and directors of the PCC&RC.

Our team works diligently to deliver the water you need for productive crop growth. Their combined efforts make our water delivery project one of the most efficient in the state.

Ditchrider position available (See details below).  DOWNLOAD Job Application HERE

Vern Stokes, Manager

Myrna Wright, Assistant Manager

Donnie Briden, Equipment Operator, Construction Foreman

Zach Leys, Maintenance and Equipment Operator

Cole Peebles, PE, Company Engineer

Jose Ramos, District 1 Ditchrider

Jeremy Farnstrom, District 2E Ditchrider

Wanted - District 2W Ditchrider

During the irrigation season, a ditchrider controls and maintains canals & ditches with the goal of efficiently delivering water to farms and ranches inside a geographic district. Ditchriders serve the shareholders of the irrigation project and must openly communicate with water users in order to schedule water flowrates, delivery times, and durations of use.  The Ditchrider shall report to the Company Manager and will coordinate daily with the other six ditch riders in order to requisition appropriate flows within the main canals, promote timely water delivery, and minimize water waste.  Typical duties include operating gates, checks, and turnouts; removal of debris; and weed control.  Ditchriders are also responsible for tracking and recording daily water use data utilizing specialized software on a company-supplied laptop.

During the off-season, ditchriders will report to the Company’s Construction Foreman and be integrated into the maintenance crew. Typical off-season duties include: Shop, vehicle, and equipment repair; Precasting, forming, and pouring concrete irrigation structures; Ditch cleaning and repair; Snow plowing; Construction of infrastructure improvements and earthwork projects; Weed control; and Shop cleaning and maintenance.   

Applicants with construction and/or equipment operating experience are preferred. The successful applicant will:


  • Have a valid driver’s license.

  • Be capable of operating a computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Agree to live in Valier, Montana as a condition of employment.

  • Possess (or be able to acquire) a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

  • Have the ability to communicate well with peers and shareholders

  • Furnish a reliable vehicle to support their duties. 4-wheel-drive, or all-wheel-drive, is strongly recommended. (work-related travel will be reimbursed at the mileage rate established by the State of Montana.)


Position Salary and Benefits:

Competitive salary and performance bonus opportunities

Paid sick leave: 5 days annually

Paid vacation: 21 days annually

Health Insurance: 100% company-paid premiums

Retirement: 8% company match

Paid Holidays

Company-paid smart cell phone

Work outdoors

Call (406) 279-3315 or email

for an employment application!

OR Download Application HERE

Joey Pruttis, District 3 Ditchrider

Darren Pruttis, District 4 Ditchrider

Jody Fowler, District 5 Ditchrider

Harry Bear, Roving Ditch Walker, all districts.

Gary Arnst, President, Board of Directors

Corey Crawford, Vice-President, Board of Directors

Jerry Johns, Secretary/Treasurer,  Board of Directors

Gerald Miller, Board of Directors

Kyle Dean, Board of Directors