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Canal and Reservoir Company

main office 406-279-3315

Meet the employees, management, and directors of the PCC&RC.

Our team works diligently to deliver the water you need for productive crop growth. Their combined efforts make our water delivery project one of the most efficient in the state.


Vern Stokes, Manager

Myrna Wright, Assistant Manager

Donnie Briden, Equipment Operator, Construction Foreman

Zach Leys, Maintenance and Equipment Operator

Cole Peebles, PE, Company Engineer

Jeremy Farnstrom, District 1 Ditchrider

Tanner Johnson, District 2E Ditchrider

Joseph Waldner District 2W Ditchrider

Joey Pruttis, District 3 Ditchrider

Darren Pruttis, District 4 Ditchrider

Jody Fowler, District 5 Ditchrider

Harry Bear, Roving Ditch Walker, all districts.

Gary Arnst, President, Board of Directors

Cory Crawford, Vice-President, Board of Directors

Jerry Johns, Secretary/Treasurer,  Board of Directors

Gerald Miller, Board of Directors

Kyle Dean, Board of Directors