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Welcome to the PCCRC website.

Being on-line reminds us how much the world has changed in the hundred plus years of the Company’s existence. The men who began the company with the digging of the first ditch could never have imagined the tools available to us today. The horse drawn dredging crews have given way to excavators and backhoes. Flood irrigation has given way to pivots and open ditches to pipelines. An irrigator can contact their ditchrider anytime by dialing one cell phone to another.

The 2017 Irrigation Season is Wrapping Up:

The 2017 water run got underway with an initial allottment of 8 inches.  This was increased to 9 inches at the July Board Meeting.  As a reminder, the normal off date for the delivery network will be October 1st.  This shutoff date allows sufficient time to complete maintenance and reparis to your water delivery system. 

Legislative Update:

The Board would like to thank Montana's Senators, Congressman, and their staffers in Montana and the D.C. offices for their efforts and support throughout the successful re-introduction of the Blackfeet Compact.  


Canal and Reservoir Company

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