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Swift Dam: Safe Passage of a 3.5-inch 24-hour Rainfall Event

The historic snowpack of the past winter has enabled the PCCRC to maintain Birch Creek Reservoir at full for roughly the last month. Beginning on the morning of June 17th, constant rainfall blanketed the drainages feeding Birch Creek.  The precipitation event peaked late in the afternoon of June 18th, with Birch Creek inflows spiking (at roughly 4,500 cfs) around 2:00 AM later the next morning. The 24-hour rainfall event measured approximately 3.5-inches, with a cumulative precipitation of 5.3 inches falling between June 17th and the storm’s dissipation on the morning of June 19th.

Vigilant monitoring and expert operation of Swift Dam by Manager Vern Stokes and Dam Tender Russ Davis prevented the resulting flood waters from cresting the emergency spillway. For videos of this amazing structure in action, visit the links below.  

SWIFT DAM SPILLWAY - 1,800 cfs                                          SWIFT DAM OPERATING GATES - 2,000 cfs

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Being on-line reminds us how much the world has changed in the hundred plus years of the Company’s existence. The men who began the company with the digging of the first ditch could never have imagined the tools available to us today. The horse drawn dredging crews have given way to excavators and backhoes. Flood irrigation has given way to pivots and open ditches to pipelines. An irrigator can contact their ditchrider anytime by dialing one cell phone to another.

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