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2015 Irrigation Season is underway:

The 2015 water run got underway on May 1st with an initial allottment of 8 inches.  This was increased to 9 inches by the Board at their June 4th  meeting. Many shareholders were able to get in the field and get seeding done early, but no significant precipitation event followed, so the Board voted to turn on May 1st and off on October 1st.  The early shut off will be extremely helpful for the Company's major project of 2015, the repair of the operating gates at Swift Dam.  The gates are original to the new dam and at 50 years old are showing signs of wear. The engineers and contractor agree that with proper care now, the gates will operate efficiently for another 50 years.  Other projects slated for completion are lining the remaining portion of the L2 canal and putting in pipelines for deliveries in two locations, making 2015 another busy and productive year.


Legislative Update:

Our U.S. Senators, Jon Tester and Steve Daines, and members of their staffs are expressing optimism that the Blackfeet Compact may be re-introduced in Congress before the end of this summer.  It's felt that there is a real appetite to make passage of the Compact a reality this time around.  The Board would like to thank the Senators and their staffers in Montana and the D.C. offices for their efforts and support of the Company throughout this process. 


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