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2017 Operating Information:

The PCCRC is proud to be part of a grower's community working to raise products, which are consumed throughout the world.  We look forward to helping make the 2017 harvest as prodcutive as possible.

The normal water run will go from May 15 to October 1, annually.  Effective July 6th, 2017 the Water Allottment will be 9 inches. That is an increase from 8 inches, which was announced after the April Board Meeting. Due to extreme warm weather, the board has agreed to a one-time off date of Oct. 10th, 2017

Important Reminders:

The company requires 72 hours notice to have water turned on and 48 hour notice to turn water off.  The ditchriders' contact numbers are posted on our home page.  If you are unable to reach your ditchrider directly, feel free to call the office at 279-3315 to place your order.  The following prohibited activities may result in shut-off of water for the year: 1) Verbal or physical abuse towards any employee; 2) Tampering with turnouts or checks; and/or 3) Any theft of water.


Canal and Reservoir Company

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